• All Classes schedules are on hold until we can safely gather in groups again. 

  • The Second Journey

    The Second Journey from Fundamentalist Christian Religion to Spiritual Freedom

    Your facilitator for this monthly gathering, Terri Carver, was raised in an old timey, southern Baptist faith and was a traditional religious woman and denominational church member for many years until she began to question her role as a woman in her church and in religious society. (Does this already sound like you?)

    The underlying message she received time and again was that she was never going to be enough unless she submitted to “Him.” Sitting on the greeter’s pew in the back of the church, she thought she would run out of there screaming if she heard that one more time! (Do you relate?)

    She came to understand that she was supporting the very structure that was wounding women (and other people considered less than). In the process she lost two of her most valuable assets: her identity as a woman and her sense of self-worth.  It was time to take a detour!

    If this was you too, welcome to recovery! You are not alone.

    Please join Terri as she shares a common story of what she calls “shattering” – shattering the anger, hurt, illusions, and rejection - and healing through the process of waking up spiritually and realizing you are enough and God is much BIGGER than you've been taught!

    In these dialoguing workshops participants are invited to join in to learn and share about moving on from religious fundamentalism to a new personal spiritual path!

    What to expect in discussions in this class:

    - What is a wake - up call?
    - Identifying the traditional structures that wound people
    - Identifying with your childhood “church.” What messages did you receive?
    - Negotiating leaving or staying. What do you take or keep? What now?
    - The freeing truth is also bittersweet when it comes to what you lose and gain.
    - Misinterpretations and mistranslations
    - God or Goddess?
    - Breathing a woman’s spirit into the sacred. (Put aside what you thought you knew about the Bible! There is more to learn in the Bible and outside of it!)
    - What is your journey?  (You are already doing it!)
    - Truths for your spiritual journey.

    When:  Jump in at any time!

    Time:  7:00 – 8:30 PM

    Cost:   $20.00

    About your Facilitator:

    Now a Davidson, NC resident, years ago while living in Texas Terri completed a 7 year training in The International Bible Study program. During this time she came to question contradictions in her church that did not resonate and started expanding her study to other resources for understanding a different Jesus and Christianity (and spirituality) than the one she had been taught.

    At the same time, after working in the dental field for over 25 years, Terri continued her education with a degree in Counseling and as a Certified Temperament Therapist.  

    While continuing her education, Terri taught various courses at a small college and volunteered at a homeless shelter, as a clinic coordinator and counselor, once a week for 15 years.

    She is just like many women, having come to a crossroads of self-inquiry and identity in middle age, who have had to make some different choices in order to write some new chapters for their lives (and their spiritual lives)!

    With that in mind, she earned her Certification in Life Coaching from Mary Morrissey’s Life Mastery Institute and began her business, TLC Life Coaching shortly thereafter. Currently “semi-retired,” Terri facilitates workshops and speaks to women's groups on occasion.

    She believes in a spirituality that has matured beyond shaming, guilting, and making some people less than and into the experience of a genuinely loving God. Join her to expand your understanding of the Jesus you may have never met and a Christianity and spirituality that includes rather than excludes!

  • Women's Divorce Support Group

    Do you feel alone in your journey to find your next "new normal"?  Do you struggle to figure out how to engage with your ex-partner?  Are you trying to remain conscious and still find yourself getting triggered into negative patterns? This is a spiritual support group for women who have an ex-partner (male or female) and want support in releasing yourself from co-dependent entanglements in a loving and compassionate way. This is a space to release, process and get support on your journey to self love and wholeness after the trauma of divorce or separation.

    The focus is to stay positive and not invest negative energy towards your situation. We will be sharing tools for healing and looking within to change the dynamic in your relationship with your ex-partner/spouse and your relationship with yourself.  Divorce and separation can make you feel like your life will never be good again.  Join us to take your life back with a loving group of women who know what you're experiencing.

    What To Expect In This Class: We will create a safe space with sistering-support to share, learn and grow.

    About Your Facilitator:  This support group is facilitated by Melanie Rockefeller who is on her own journey of healing after the end of her 14 year marriage.  Melanie is passionate about creating space for women to be authentic with themselves and each other.

    Date(s): TBD

    Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

    Cost Per Class: $10 suggested Love Donation

    Bring: A journal

  • Creative Communcation; Taming the Inner Committee

    1st Session: Discussion Circle Creative Communication: Taming the Inner Committee

    Reflective and playful heart-opening exercises designed to explore the mysterious and challenging experience of authentically communicating with partners, family, friends, coworkers, and the entire cast of characters who enrich or present difficulties in our lives. We'll try out ways of empathically speaking and listening that can transform relationships and free us to communicate in ways in which everyone's needs can be met. We'll consider the words we use to send and receive messages, determine how we create connections, identify our inner needs, explore our 'go to' feelings and identify other less familiar feelings, while we try out tools and techniques that allow us to take risks and share who we are, even in the presence of strong emotions. We'll look at some of the key distinctions between thoughts vs. feelings; needs vs. strategies for meeting needs; observations vs. judgments; and requests vs. demands as we identify and “tame” the committee in our heads, dive into our motivations, experience the river of feelings that arise when needs are met or unmet, and play with ways of making and receiving demands vs. requests. Participants can choose to opt for: 1) a heart- centered reflective approach for those who prefer listening and discussion and/or 2) a more action-oriented approach for those who prefer a more kinetic, experiential process. In the first approach we will discuss and listen to each other's life experiences and in the second approach we will roleplay or enact scenarios from our lives.  What to Expect In This Class:Explore real-life situations in which inner needs/values were well met

    • Examine situations from the past in which inner needs/values were not met
    • Explore real-life situations in which inner needs/values were well met
    • Identify the layers of feelings triggered by your own and others' messages
    • Translate the messages conveyed by “The Committee”
    • Distinguish between thoughts and feelings associated with inner needs/values
    • Compare your response to communication involving empathy and compassionate observation and communication in the presence of anger, hurt, or fear
    • Discuss, Listen, or Enact possible scenarios that represent authentic, life-affirming messaging and those that represent inauthentic, life-depleting messaging
    • Practice getting in touch with what is truly 'Alive' within you at any given moment 

    Bring: A journal dedicated to this session  If available: a scarf, solid color (will be shared) , a hat (will be shared), a mask(s), a favorite object, A Haiku poem, musical instruments or a household object to make percussion 

    Materials: All materials will be included in tuition (in advance for those pre-registered).


    Second Session: Playback INNER EMPATHY: A Psychodramatic Journey into Taming the Committee 

    Exploring the 'Parts' or unacknowledged facets of ourselves that comprise the Inner Jackals that may exist to warn, comment, torment or sabotage our connection to ourselves and others, along with the Inner Compassionate Observer who guides and supports us, and the Inner Child/Teen/ Adult who chime in to influence our thoughts and behavior. By bringing certain of these 'Parts' to life, we can discover the underlying needs that prompt their appearance and provide a level of Empathy that will allow their fears, hurts, and discomfort to be heard ~ an effective way to integrate and tame the messages our parts continuously transmit to us. 

    In each of the sessions, we will engage in the process of Warm-up, Enactment and Sharing that comprise the psychodramatic journey: In the Warm-up, we will join in a series of easy, playful vocal and movement exercises designed to tap into our natural sense of imaginative play, sync our collective energies and create a sense of comfort with each other and ourselves. In the second phase, The Enactment, we will bring imaginative scenarios to life. As members share the themes of situations, one person is selected as the Teller. Those comfortable with 'playing', i.e., stepping into an enactment, are invited into the Scene. Players conduct the scene with the help of a 'Conductor', or scene coach, and the 'Audience' joins in by taking on supportive or conflicting Parts to help the Teller to view the scene. In the 3rd phase: 'Sharing', each person reflects on their responses to the enactment and shares their thoughts and feelings. 

    What to Expect In This Class:

    • Explore real-life situations in which inner needs/values were well met
    • Examine situations from the past in which inner needs/values were not met
    • Identify the layers of feelings triggered by your own and others' messages
    • Translate the messages conveyed by “The Committee”
    • Distinguish between thoughts and feelings associated with inner needs/values
    • Compare your response to communication involving empathy and compassionate observation and communication in the presence of anger, hurt, or fear
    • Discuss, Listen, or Enact possible scenarios that represent authentic, life-affirming messaging and those that represent inauthentic, life-depleting messaging
    • Practice getting in touch with what is truly 'Alive' within you at any given moment 

    About Your Facilitator: Marjorie Timms, M.A, M.S., Ph.D. As a lifelong spiritual explorer, I am intrigued by the power of the creative arts and communication to bridge differences, to inspire change, and to free the spirit to know itself. In evolving a practice that combines Interconnective Mindful Communication, Expressive Arts, and Transpersonal Spiritual Study, I most enjoy connecting with fellow sojourners and mentors. Inspired by years of study with Marshall Rosenberg's compassionate/nonviolent communication (NVC), along with graduate studies and decades of practice in psychodrama, story theatre and the healing arts, this approach emerged as creative psycho-spiritual playshops and residencies, combining the arts and intentional communication. 

    My focus has been on finding ways to share and enact meaningful life stories; co-creating collaborative new myths and contemporary archetypes; seeking methods for reconciliation through social justice groups; developing original writings and mindful communication arts experiences in retreat and residential settings; cross-cultural conscious communication playshops and residencies in spiritual, personal growth, therapeutic and 12-step recovery centers throughout the United States – all of which have transformed, amazed and shaped my thinking and practice. Having recently relocated to Iredell County, I now conduct a Transpersonal Communication Coaching practice, facilitate group and private/family sessions for children, teens, and adults ~ thrilled to launch a new adventure and curious about what we can create together. 

    When:      TBD

    Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00pm

    Cost: $30 each

  • Wild Women Archetypal Reclaiming Circle

    Lead by Interfaith Minister and Light House Founder/Director, Kendall Heath

    In spiritual community, as we women mature spiritually and “re-member” parts of our often fragmented selves back to the whole (wholeness), we seek for circles where we can hold each other through our unanswered questions, earned and innate wisdom, and shared truths. We seek for heart-centered community where the Divine is mirrored back to us in our likeness and where our understanding of God more accurately includes ALL aspects of ALL of humanity and Love, including Womanness. We seek to return to Love of ourselves and all of creation, to embody the Source that lives in us and as us.

    But who is teaching us about our spiritual lineage as women, and as men who have come through the bodies and hearts of women? Who is reminding us of the rest of our sacred history that got buried in catacombs, caves, cathedrals, kitchens, and books left out of religious canons around the world? 

    An archetype is a recurrent, typical representation of an original. It’s an imitation, an example, a model after which other things are patterned. And the archetypes that we adopt from the religions and spiritualities that we were, or are still taught (or weren’t ever taught) evoke unconscious responses, agreements, and sometimes non-life-affirming choices and perspectives in us that inform even our most basic human experiences. So until archetypes from the mash-up of our traditions, religions, families, and communities are questioned, examined, and restored to a more whole and inclusive truth, we cannot fully reclaim the breadth, depth, and power of our roles as spiritual compasses in the world. This world needs us to “re-member” who we are, to heal our broken past, and to show up in our full Divine natures as clear instruments of Spirit. 

    Oh, there are many teachers who have come before us, many who have kept the ember of a more whole story of Divine consciousness burning. They include powerful storytellers and scholars like Dr. Clarrissa Pinkola Estes, Elaine Pagels, Gloria Karpinski, Barbara Bradford Taylor, Marabi Starr, Megan Watterson, Marion Woodman, Marianne Williamson, Sue Monk Kidd, Rachel Held Evans, many Feminist Theologians, all the Sophias and Marys, the Mothers of India, African mothers and gandmothers, the Pagan goddesses and “witches”, Christian mystics, Sufi mystics, Madonnas, Shamans, Healers, Midwives, Tribal Women Elders, Yoginis, Tantricas, Nuns and Ministers/Pastors, the world over. We are not alone. The red road is paved with women who refused to allow God to be reduced to a masculine archetype alone, a false idol living in a domesticated vacuum. 

    Yes, The Divine Feminine is rising from her slumber around the globe, and has been for quite some time. It’s the primary AWAKEning happening in the world today. For this wisdom to be transmuted to positively impact our spirituality, our deeper sense of self, our daily lives and the lives of those we love, and the world at large; it calls on us to study it, discuss it, integrate it, add to it, and align it with the grander universal spirituality of our time! 

    Who Is This Monthly Gathering For? 

    Women and men who: 

    • Have come to feel there is more to religious/spiritual teachings than they were previously taught 
    • Align with Divine Feminine principles or who are open-curious about what that means 
    • Are interested in the historical religious & spiritual perspectives and narratives of women across cultures
    • Are feminists and want to have a deeper knowledge of feminist theology 
    • Are hungry for a more unified spirituality that bridges the illusions and polarities between sex and gender roles 
    • Are interested in growing beyond a limited idea of a male or female God and into a broader understanding of Divine consciousness itself
    • Are seeking healing, reconciliation, or closure with traditions and religions that marginalize women or relegate them to a lower class or authority
    • Are raising children who deserve to have a more vast concept of God as equally embodied in all people, regardless of sex and gender
    • Have interest in leading faith communities that bravely reclaim women’s history in our collective Interfaith God story and present day relationship with a Higher Power 
    • Resonate with any of the authors or teachers mentioned above
    • Want to connect with other women (and men) in deeper study of sacred texts, gospels, mythologies, and biographical and philosophical writings
    • Want to stand for a healthy, balanced concept of The Divine Masculine, as well

    Date: Typically every 2nd Sunday of the month

    Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

    Where: Light House Spiritual Center ~ 645 Carpenter Ave., Mooresville, NC 28115

    Cost: $15 

    Bring: A journal exclusively for this group exploration 

    *Seating is limited. Please register in advance each month to secure your seat

  • Women's Ascension Circle

    This monthly gathering is a Women’s Spiritual Awakening Support Circle lead by Spiritual Teacher, Bodhi Deva Ma.

    As we each become more self aware, opening up to the truth of who and what we are, there are experiences that are shared among seekers. It is said among many prophecies and spiritual frameworks that we are in a time of mass spiritual awakening across humanity. Many in the New Thought and New Age movement call this experience the “Ascension”.

    It is said that we are moving through a process of coming more in alignment with the higher realms and moving away from fear, separation and density consciousness. The first to move through this process were the groundbreaking leaders of many spiritual movements. It is said the the Buddha, Jesus and Muhammed may have been among these. Over time, many more have ascended into the higher realms and are living in more alignment with joy, peace and love as their everyday awareness.

    Now we are coming to a tipping point where everyday people are waking up into this New Paradigm lifestyle of being and living a spiritually awakened daily existence. The forerunners who have moved through this process have left us guideposts and helpful tips on how to experience this process more consciously and therefore more gracefully.


    This support group is to help the women in our community who identify as having had a spiritual awakening traverse through this process with support and more ease.

    This group will be facilitated by Bodhi Deva Ma, a Spiritual Teacher/Facilitator for over twenty years. Bodhi has a Masters degree in Counseling and a Bachelors degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies. She has been an Energy Psychology Practitioner of several modalities and is on her own quest to co-create community that is conscious and supportive as we all navigate these amazing times in human existence together.

    Join like-minded women in an atmosphere of simple teaching, gently guided dialogue, and sistering-support.

    When: 2nd Wednesdays of the month at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM 

    Cost:  Donation based 

    Bring: A journal - Some yoga mats, pillows, chairs, and blankets are provided, but feel free to bring whatever will make YOU the most comfortable. Dress is casual-comfy.

    *Though the cost is a just a suggested donation, space is limited; therefore you may want to reserve your spot in advance via the ticketing link in this event or call us at 704-658-1442. Walk-ins are welcome too!

  • Awakening to Your Intuitive Gifts w/Intuitive Medium/Minister, Kendall Heath

    An exciting and empowering course for reawakening to who you really are and how your intuition can be awakened to guide your highest vibrating life and serve others on their own life-affirming journeys of self-discovery and healing!
    Founder/Director of Light House Spiritual Center, Kendall Heath:
    I have been an Intuitive Medium for 20 + years, but it wasn’t until 2016, when I dedicated myself to spiritual practices, came out of “the spiritual closet”, and  resurrected my buried spiritual gifts, that I moved into public service as a Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Medium doing readings as part of my livelihood and overall mission of facilitating personal healing and spiritual growth for others.
    An Interfaith Minister, I had opened Light House Spiritual Center in Downtown Mooresville, NC  in 2017 when an unexpected phone call from a soon-to-be client pushed me out of the nest as a Psychic Medium who would come to regularly facilitate healing for others with my ability to cross the veil and communicate with Spirit with ease.
    After many years of hiding my gifts under the rug/nearly shutting them down completely in order to survive and thrive in a world that doesn’t always know what to make of “psychics” (or downright rejects them), it was my time to serve! But what did it take to “turn on” that Light inside myself again? And once it was on, how could I get it to shine brighter and allow my intuitive skills to grow and deepen?
    I'm going to share what I’ve learned so far about the process of awakening to intuitive gifts. As many of my own clients have shown me first hand, we all have intuitive abilities, but where we most often need help is learning how to interpret, decipher, and trust what we are experiencing on the journey of awakening to our intuition.
    It’s also important to learn how to navigate from that initial place of confusion, fear, uncertainty, and/or desperation regarding our intuitive experiences to a place of empowerment, confidence, positivity, and true service to the healing of the world. And most importantly, to be committed to a spiritual journey and the practices that make it rich with genuine depth and connection - we will definitely be talking about that!
    - How to better understand your “intuitive hits” and various psychic phenomena
    - The lingo - meanings of psychic-related terms and titles & how to normalize the conversation/stigmas around intuition and intuitive gifts
    - How to quickly get “energetic imprints” that translate as psychic information
    - What Kundalini energy and the chakras have to do with psychic gifts
    - Spiritual/self-care practices that help grow and deepen your intuitive gifts
    - How to fine-tune psychic impressions to provide greater detail in conversation or readings
    - What’s happening in the Spirit world and who can we expect to meet there
    - What the brain and heart have to do with intuitive abilities
    - Why personal healing is essential to become a more effective Intuitive
    - How to protect yourself from unwanted energies
    - How to stop doubting your intuitive abilities and work with them in the moment
    - How to avoid overstepping boundaries with others and psychic intrusiveness
    - How to keep your ego out of it
    - What the deal is with various psychic tools
    - Qualities that make a good “Intuitive” & brief intro to the service path of being a professional Intuitive in the field of spiritual/healing services
    * You’ll also have the opportunity to explore your own “psychic history” and begin a journal process of awakening to your intuitive gifts.
    I take my intuitive work seriously and derive enormous JOY from it, as I perceive it as a Divine assignment to bring comfort, clarity, connection, simplicity, and healing to people on this most complex and beautiful journey of life! The world needs more Intuitives helping each other through!
    When: Returning in Summer 2020
    Time: 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM.
    Cost: $65
    *Advance registration is required. Spaces are limited - I will only be taking 12 people for this class. Sign-up at the enclosed link today!
    Light House Spiritual Center
    645 Carpenter Ave., Mooresville, NC 28115
  • Monthly Enneagram Study Group

    Rooted in ancient wisdom, the Enneagram is psycho-spiritual approach to understanding personality. There are 9 different personality types that reflect distinct patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Each one of us has a particular gift to offer the world, as well as possible roadblocks based on our type. Waking up to our patterns empowers us to heal our core wounds and overcome obstacles to our growth. 

    Join Dana Overcash & Gerard Thomas, at Light House Spiritual Center in downtown Mooresville, as they present how this powerful tool can be used to increase emotional intelligence, and to promote compassion for ourselves and others. Ultimately, study and integration of the Enneagram points us down nine different pathways to enlightenment, helping us to live in alignment with our healthiest, most authentic selves. 

    About the Facilitators: 

    Dana Overcash is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Mooresville who has studied the Enneagram for the past five years. This tool has transformed her both personally and professionally, and she is passionate about educating others. 

    Gerard Thomas is a father, educator and passionate environmentalist who has been involved in the Enneagram conversation for over five years. Gerard has been transformed by his involvement with the Enneagram and would love to share this powerful tool for spiritual growth with others.

    When:  Every 3rd Tuesday of each month 

    Time: 7:00-8:30 pm

    Cost: $10 

    *Children 10 and older are welcome to attend with parents, at no charge. 
    *Bring a journal. All other materials are provided.

  • Soulful Relationships

    On the householder's path, where we are living lives in partnerships, families, marriages, "it's complex" relationship statuses, or as singles seeking (or giving up on) real love, relationships remain the number one challenge for people navigating love, intimacy, karmic/soul connections, personal healing, and the intricacies of the heart.

    As Co-Founder of Light House Spiritual Center in Mooresville, North Carolina, this topic comes up frequently with my clients seeking healing work, psychic readings, and spiritual guidance.

    • What do the spiritual masters have to say about love and intimacy? 
    • What wisdom does The Tao offer? 
    • And what about Tantra?
    • And the Hindu path of the Kama Sutra?
    • What does Buddhism teach about love and desire? 
    • What do the Mystics know about it? 
    • And how about other Yogic traditions? 
    • What does New Age Thought tell us about soulmates and twin flames? 
    • What is the dynamic of The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine?
    • What messages did Jesus leave us about love?
    • What does Spiritual Science or science want us to know about it?
    • What IS "evolutionary love" anyway? 
    • What is the SOUL WORK of love? 
    • How about the fields of Conscious Relationships, Bonding Science, and other offerings from psychology? 

    As we evolve collectively and individually, so do our definitions of and ideas about love, relationships, and intimacy. It is time that we begin creating more safe spaces for deeper dialogue and learning about the many facets of love, partnerships, and the boundless sensuality of the soul.

    As an Interfaith Minister, I think love and relationships are sacred topics that we must include in our spiritual and healing discovery.

    In my own life I have struggled through both love and sex addiction, and earlier on, with love avoidance. I have married more than once, survived domestic violence and the volatile mental illness of a partner, loved addicts and alcoholics, shared intimacy with women and men, been in beautiful, healthy relationships that lifted me up to new heights and unhealthy ones that took me to my bottom. In fact, I have done some of my deepest spiritual work from what love, relationships, and intimacy have taught me! *Hint: It's taught me a lot about loving myself. And today I have a life filled with perfectly imperfect, sacred love!

    I am not a Relationship Therapist, nor do I want to be; but I AM a Spiritual Teacher and Integral Soul Healing Practitioner who is dedicated to the path of the heart, the healing power of sacred intimacy, and the soul work of loving. And...I'm still learning! Let's learn together.

    If you feel that there is much still for you to learn and explore around the alchemy of love, opening your heart, desire & sexual energy, mindful connection, pathologies of love, and the mysteries of relationship, join me for this monthly class!


    Each month we will hone in on a different perspective or niche topic on the art of loving. The class will include teaching, discussion, experiential exercises (don't worry - you won't be put on the spot or embarrassed), and meditations to open the heart and raise the consciousness towards more Divine Love and sacred union with yourself and others.

    This monthly class experience is for women, men, and any other adult person (no matter how you identify) - individuals and couples are welcome.

    *For those who wish to do deeper work, there is a program offering to work with me directly, one-on-one and/or as a couple.


    When: T.B.A. - Returning in 2020

    Time: 5:30 - 7:00 pm

    Cost: $20 per person, per class

    *Spaces are limited, so it's highly recommended that you grab your seat in advance via the ticketing link in this event or by calling Light House Spiritual Center at 704-658-1442

  • New Moon Lunar Gathering w/ Soulful Yoga Teacher, Tricia Clifford

    Since ancient times, the new moon has been a time to honor the process of actualizing new beginnings. It is when we plant seeds of intention for what we wish to manifest next in our lives and communities. Being with other like-minded individuals who are intentional at this time, and sharing sacred space together in a ceremonial and meditative way, can help us gather the clarity, strength, and/or courage to make the changes we need to manifest our highest and best intentions into reality.  Gathering together on a new moon gives us an opportunity to connect more deeply, to share from the soul, to pray with reverence, and to be a part of something more expansive and universal than each of us, alone.


    Each gathering will include:

    • A personal energy clearing
    • Guided meditation
    • Intention setting
    • Space for sharing
    • Prompted journaling 
    • Ceremonial Closing 


    When: Occurring monthly on the prospective New Moon dates

    Time:  7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

    Cost: $20 per class

    Bring: A journal

      *Space is limited. Please register in advance to help us adequately prepare for you. 


  • Reiki Level I Class / Attunement

    Reiki Level I Class / Attunement

    Reiki is a light touch form of energy work. "Rei" means universal and "ki" means life force energy. When you become attuned to Reiki, you are able to allow universal life force energy to more fully flow through you and into people, animals, or situations you wish to send healing energy. 

    In this class Usui Reiki is passed from a Master Teacher to students through an attunement process. Once you are attuned to Reiki, you can use it to help yourself, family, friends, loved ones, even pets. It is not a reflection of a belief system; it is simply a natural healing modality that enhances our spiritual, physical and emotional life.

    What To Expect In This Class: 

    You will learn:

    • Reiki for relaxation
    • Understand the chakra system, auras, and the effects on the body
    • Promote healing in yourself, family and friends
    • Reiki Japanese origination and modern Western perspective
    • Receive First Degree Reiki I attunement
    • Practice Reiki Level I techniques


    About Your Facilitator: 

    Heather Robinson, Reiki Master/ Teacher, brings to her workshops extensive education and life experience in supporting others along their spiritual journey to help them remove their emotional and physical blocks to explore their soul's highest potential. 

    When:  TBD

    Time: 1:00 - 6:00 pm

    Cost Per Class:$200

    * Pre-registration is required within 3 days of the class. Space is limited to SIX (6) individuals. There will be a $50 non-refundable cancellation fee.

    Bring your journal if you wish, but journalling material will also be provided for you. *Dress casually and comfortably. 

    Reiki Level I Manual and other educational materials will be provided.

    *Prerequisites or Materials Required For This Class: 

    If you have not had a Reiki session before, it would be advantageous for you to schedule at least a 30 minute session with Heather Robinson prior to the class. If you would like to discuss the class and attunement process, you are welcome to contact Heather in advance of registration at 704-980-8227 or Heather@HRobinsonConsulting.com.

  • Reiki Level II Class / Attunement

    Reiki Level II Class / Attunement


    Reiki is a light touch form of energy work. "Rei" means universal and "ki" means life force energy. When you become attuned to Reiki, you are able to allow universal life force energy to more fully flow through you and into people, animals, or situations you wish to send healing energy. 

    The Usui Reiki Second Degree Class (or Reiki Level II Class) will expand your mind, and with it, your Reiki abilities. Those certified at Reiki II may give Reiki treatments to others professionally. Expand your understanding of Reiki. Delve deeper into the Western influences of the chakra system and the energetic effects on the aura. 

    What To Expect In This Class:

    You will learn:

    • Review and practice Reiki Level I techniques
    • To release negative emotions
    • Access a deeper level of healing
    • Increase your knowledge of Reiki from a Western perspective
    • Promote healing in yourself, family and friends
    • Receive Second Degree Reiki II attunement
    • Introduction to crystal grids
    • Distance healing

    About Your Facilitator:

    Heather Robinson, Reiki Master/ Teacher, brings to her workshops extensive education and life experience in supporting others along their spiritual journey to help them remove their emotional and physical blocks to explore their soul's highest potential. 

    When: June 13, Saturday 

    Time: 1:00 - 6:00 pm

    Cost Per Class: $300

    * Pre-registration is required within 3 days of the class. Space is limited to SIX (6) individuals. There will be a $50 non-refundable cancellation fee.

    Bring your journal if you wish, but journalling material will also be provided for you. Reiki Level II Manuals and other educational materials will be provided. *Dress casually and comfortably.

    *Prerequisites or Materials Required For This Class: 

    Must have been previously attuned to Reiki Level I. If you would like to discuss the class and attunement process, you are welcome to contact Heather in advance of registration at 704-980-8227 or Heather@HRobinsonConsulting.com.


  • Reiki Level I for Kids

    Reiki Level I for Kids


    Reiki for Kids is designed for children ages 6 and up who march to the beat of their own drum.  The ideal ages for this class are between ages 6 and 12. These young lightworkers are on our planet at this time as teachers, guides and leaders. Turning on their Reiki light enhances and directs their creativity, compassion, imagination, and validation for their individual gifts and talents. During this workshop, your child will be offered and attunement; whether your child accepts it is completely up to the child. My emphasis will be placed on experiencing Reiki and giving your child words and feelings to this experience through art, movement and sound.

     This fun workshop is conducted in a child friendly environment. Children under 6 years of age may participate with my pre-approval and previous Reiki exposure through their parents/guardian. There will be creative work and physical play. Comfortable clothes are essential. *Parents should plan to accompany children under 8 years.

    What To Expect In This Class:

    You will learn:

    • Reiki I attunement
    • Feeling the energy in their hands and their energy field
    • Healing with plants, animals and people
    • Reiki art and creative expression
    • Reiki with song and movement
    • Meeting their Reiki guides

    About Your Facilitator:

    Heather Robinson, Reiki Master/ Teacher, brings to her workshops extensive education and life experience in supporting others along their spiritual journey. She is a mother of 2 and has worked with children her entire life. 

    When: May 16, Saturday 

    Time:  10:00 am - 3:00 pm.

    The class usually lasts about 5 hours, depending upon how much fun we are having and how many kids are attending. The kids rarely are ready to go home when the class is over!

    Cost Per Class$150

    Pre-registration is required within 3 days of the class. Space is limited to SIX (6) individuals. There will be a $100 non-refundable cancellation fee.

    Bring: No need to bring anything except for a bagged lunch, snacks, and a refillable water bottle. Additional fruit will be provided.  *Reiki For Kids manual, certificate, and Reiki stone/crystal are provided.

    *Prerequisites or Materials Required For This Class: 

    Prerequisite – In order for a child to participate at least one parent or guardian of that child must be already attuned to Reiki in order to be able to support their child after the class. I am only with them for one day, you are with them every day. If the parent is not attuned to Reiki I, you can take my parent class, practice self-Reiki for 21+ days and then accompany your child at the following Reiki Kids Class. If you would like to discuss the class and attunement process, you are welcome to contact Heather in advance of registration at 704-980-8227 or Heather@HRobinsonConsulting.co

  • A Course in Miracles Study Group

    A Course in Miracles was received by Helen Schucman, over the course of seven years. The information was transcribed by William Thetford, Ph.D, one of her colleagues. According to the preface, they were both “Professors of Medical Psychology at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City”. They were contentious peers, when Dr. Thetford suggested there must be another way. This is when Helen began to receive "The Voice" in dreams and strange images. The material in the Text/Workbook/Manual for teachers is virtually unchanged from what Helen initially received. The first copyright is 1975. 

    The miracles come from a change in our perceptions, from fear to love. “…the course deals with universal spiritual themes. It emphasizes that it is but one version of the universal curriculum…They all lead to God, [or All That Is], in the end.” The preface asks that the reader not judge the information, merely apply the daily idea presented in each Workbook lesson to their own life.” There are 365 lessons in the Workbook, only one to be used and studied each day. It is suggested that participants use the “A Course in Miracles” book, or at least the CDs by Foundation for Inner Peace. This is the author as given to Helen by “The Voice”, which asserted It was the Voice of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. Its purpose in these pages is to clear up old misconceptions and distortions of the Truth of Love. It makes a distinction between what is real and unreal. “Truth is unalterable, eternal and unambiguous.”

    The Workbook is intended to help us to lose our bonds, and rise above fear, doubt, guilt, and a myriad of other limitations. The workbook ends: “The Course is a beginning, not an end…” The lessons can be done alone, in a personal study, and year after year. A discussion group is also helpful to share ideas, discuss challenges, and celebrate breakthroughs. This will be the purpose of our A Course in Miracles group. We will meet every other week, in the beginning, and study one lesson for these two week time periods. We will also cover material in the Text and Manual for Teachers occasionally. The journey is quite personal and we request participants to leave judgment at the door, so we may provide a safe and welcoming space for all who attend. You may attend at anytime, however, it is suggested you read and practice the lessons if you want to get the most inner growth. 

     In this course you will:

    • have questions
    •  be amazed
    • have some struggle with the information
    •  maybe have some life changing insights
    • probably have some dreams, hopes, and wishes come true
    • make friends
    • have support for your spiritual exploration
    • learn of support resources to enhance your understanding and experience
    • improve your relationships with yourself and others
    • might enjoy the opening in your eyes and heart


    Come, bring a friend, see what A Course in Miracles is about and how the information can bless your life. Let’s explore together and have some fun!!!

     Facilitated by Dori King, MA Psychology: Health and Wellness

    When: TBD

    Time: 7:00 pm-8:30 pm

    Cost: $10 per class 

    *To help us prepare adequately for you, it is suggested that you register in advance before each class, but you may also pay at the door. 

    Bring: Note taking or journaling materials, your copy of A Course In Miracles 

    (It is highly recommended that you have your own copy of the "A Course In Miracles" book to get the most out of this long-term study.)


  • Death Over Dinner with Minister Kendall Heath

    Death Over Dinner is a global movement to normalize and remove taboos around the often difficult conversation about death and dying, and to transform that conversation into one of deep engagement, insight, and empowerment. There have been over 100,000 Death Dinners in over 30 countries worldwide so far. 
    These simple, straight forward, and sacred dinners includes intentional topics like: end of life care, compassionate dying, the impact of suicide, support for grief and loss, fears about dying, end of life planning, cultural beliefs and traditions around death, spirituality and death, parental and sibling loss, loss of a partner/spouse, personal experiences with death and dying, medical protocoals around dying, and what people don't tell us about death and dying. 
    Our potluck dinners are limited to 30 seats and we plan to host them bi-monthly. Once you sign-up, you will be added to a sign-up genius email where you can plan your meal contribution. You will also be sent a few simple instructions via email to prepare for our community dinner about death. 
    At Light House, we hope these dinners will contribute to changing the limiting and often harmful ways we talk about and perceive death in our culture and will instead inspire authentic, brave, open, life-affirming dialogue around death for the dying, the dead, and those who survive the loss. It is assured that we will all die; it is one thing will all have in common. Let's help make death as sacred as birth by shining light on a subject that is sometimes shrouded in darkness. Join us! There is a seat for YOU at the table. 
    When: TBD
    Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    Where: Light House Spiritual Center  645 Carpenter Ave., Mooresville, NC 28115 
    Cost: This is a free event; donations will be accepted. A potluck dish is required per person. 
    Additional Details:
    *Dress is casual. You may want to bring a journal. Further instructions will be sent by email. 
    Please make sure that we have your email when you register. 
    *If you need to cancel, please let us know so that we can free up the seat for another person. 
    *The event begins promptly at 7:00 PM. Please arrive early by 6:45 to get settled into your table. 
    *Children over the age of 15 are allowed to attend if they feel they are able to contribute to and receive the conversation.
    *This event is hosted by Light House's Founder/Director and Interfaith Minister, Kendall Heath. 
    Please direct further questions to us at admin@lighthousespiritualcenter.com or call 704-658-1442.
  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony

    Monthly Cacao Ceremony with Ceremonialist/Spiritual Teacher, Bodhi Deva Ma

    Bodhi will be facilitating sacred space for heart healing and anchoring in the joy that is innate to our human heart in a special Cacao ceremony. This ceremony will give you the opportunity to connect to the inner truth of your heart utilizing guided meditation and emotional processing facilitated by the use of Sacred Chocolate. The aim is to create a connection that you can access with your heart to reconnect to your inner truth and find how you can give yourself the love and compassion that you long for.

    Each Cacao Ceremony is a sacred container for the Spirit of the Cacao & the spirit of each participant to co-create deep healing and increase awareness. The topic or theme of the Ceremony is intuited a day or so before the ceremony and is based on the energies of the group that forms. It is a magical experience of divine intervention by the Cacao Spirit. Because of this, each ceremony is different. The activity and interaction is completely guided by the group dynamic. Ceremony may include light movement, group and paired interactions, sound & music, energy healing and emotional processing. Participants have expressed amazement at the healing and transformational experiences that they have gained in working with this sacred plant medicine.

    This medicine is gentle yet powerful.
    You will be offered a cacao beverage made simply from 100% pure cacao and hot water. You may add ingredients at your discretion. These optional ingredients include but are not limited to: honey, cayenne pepper, maya nut, ginger root, or essential oils. All ingredients are to be used at the participant's discretion and any effects of this use are the sole responsibility of the participant. None of these ingredients are meant to treat, cure or diagnose any disease.


    If you are taking any anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, or anti-psychotic drugs that contain SSRI (selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors) or any drug or supplement that may interact with MAOI (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors), please limit your consumption of Cacao to a half dose (half of 1.4 oz ceremonial dose) or less. Cacao has natural MAOI action that may cause negative side effects in interaction with these drugs.

    If you have heart problems/conditions, Cacao may exacerbate these.

    If you are sensitive to Caffeine, Cacao may cause similar effects to caffeine due to Theobromine content and caffeine content.

    If you are allergic or sensitive to cacao, chocolate or any of the ingredients that you may add to the Cacao beverage, please do not ingest those.

    If you are or may be pregnant, please limit your consumption of Cacao to a half dose (half of 1.4 oz ceremonial dose) or less. The effects of Cacao on a fetus are unknown and caution should be exercised when ingesting anything when pregnant or nursing.


    Please have a light breakfast or fast before the ceremony in order to experience the full effect. No meat or difficult to digest foods, as it will buffer the experience.

    Wear comfortable clothes in layers, as we will be up and down on the floor, and doing light yoga stretches and chi gong movements.

    Bring a yoga mat, water, journal and pen.


    Bodhi has a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies, specializing in Eastern Religions and a Master's degree in Community and Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis on Stress Management and Energy Psychology.
    A certified meditation instructor since 2007, she is also a 200 hr Certified Yoga Instructor trained in Mystical Yoga, which integrates traditional Yoga and advanced Shamanic practices from South & Central America. She has over twenty years of experience with Tibetan & Southeast Asian Buddhist practices, Vedic yogic practices and has been trained in Shamanic practices at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala and in the Sacred Valley in Peru. Bodhi has trained directly with the Cacao Shaman in Guatemala and has worked with this plant spirit since 2016.


    According to archaeologists and Mayan spiritual elders, the Cacao Spirit was one of the most powerful deities in Mayan cosmology. Ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures have used this plant as a healing medicine for thousands of years. Contemporary Indigenous cultures still use this powerful medicine in shamanic ceremony to open the heart and heal the human body, mind and spirit.

    Cacao is the purest form of dark chocolate. It is made from the Cacao bean, fermented and roasted before being pulverized and blended to make it into liquid, which then hardens to the block form. The ceremonial cacao used in our ceremonies is unique in that it has been developed through direct guidance of experienced Shaman in Central and South America. The cacao is organically grown in Guatemala with specially developed cacao seeds that have been chosen for their spiritual strength and low levels of caffeine. This produces a deeply relaxing and heart opening effect in ceremony.

    Cacao is acknowledged in modern science as one of the most potent medicinal super foods.
    Good source of riboflavin, niacin, and folate
    Contains exceptional amounts of manganese, copper, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and potassium. It is also a good source of selenium and calcium.
    Good source of dietary fiber
    Nice source of saturated fat
    Contains quercetin, flavonoids, flavanols, xanthenes, polyphenols, theobromine, and anandamide
    Contains one of the highest ORAC (antioxidant) scores of all foods

    These benefits are dramatically increased when the cacao is as raw, pure, and unprocessed as possible. Due to its remarkable antioxidant content and over 300 chemical compounds, cacao can deliver some nice healing benefits, such as:

    - Promotes blood flow and prevents coagulation that can result in heart attack or stroke
    - Lowers blood pressure
    - Reduces the risk of colorectal and colon cancer
    - Helps reduce cell damage
    - Helps prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s
    - Improves sugar metabolism
    - Supports weight loss
    - Improves cognitive function
    - Elevates mood and spirits by raising levels of serotonin, endorphins, phenyl ethylamine, and anandamide


     When: T.B.D

    Time: 1:00-4:00pm

    Cost: $35

     *Space is limited. Please register in advance to help us adequately prepare for you. 

  • Men's Group

    Are you a man on a spiritual path? Would you benefit from like-minded support and "brotherhood" on this journey? If so, Light House Spiritual Center in Lake Norman has got you covered. Join Robert Brewer for this monthly group about finding solid ground as men on the spiritual journey.

    Men’s Group Purpose Statement

    To create a safe space for men to develop strong masculine bonds and deepen personal awareness. We believe that men need "brotherhood", accountability, transparency, authenticity, safety to share, and positive, masculine role models. We invite all men who find themselves on a spiritual journey to help us all navigate life, relationships, work, and this culture and it's messages to men about what it means to be masculine.

    We will meet once per month at Light House and cover topics that are relevant to the group's interests.


    A message from Robert Brewer:

    "Most importantly, I am a man who is looking for a safe space to develop deep, meaningful relationships with brothers on a similar spiritual path and journey.

    I am now involved with The Mankind Project, have been a Promise Keeper and been to the Wild At Heart men’s personal development events including a life-changing personal, small group journey in Colorado with “Wild at Heart” author, John Eldridge. In my journey as a facilitator, I have lead men's groups for pornography & substance addictions and 12 step recovery groups for over 20 years.

    I am currently a martial arts instructor and was a girls basketball coach for 9 years. I have competed as a weightlifter and am currently very active in CrossFit. I am also currently a mentor, coach and supervisor to sixteen elite IT engineers in my professional role.

    I have successfully raised three daughters and 8 months ago, began the adventure of becoming a grandfather to my grandson, Cooper.

    I am in a committed long-term partnership and we are both committed to developing spiritually together. I feel that having space to solidify my self-awareness with other men will benefit me in all aspects of the rest of my life, especially in my relationships."


    If this resonates, join us at one of our monthly Wednesday night group meetings at Light House Spiritual Center in downtown Mooresville. *People in active recovery are welcome.

    When: 1st & 3rd Wednesdays 

    Time:  6:30 - 8:00 pm   

    Cost: This is a donation-based gathering. Donations can be made at the door on the night-of. Space is limited, however, so registering in advance, via the ticketing link in this event or calling 704-658-1442, is recommended.